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The MarketSauce Method: Creating a Buyer's Brief
90 min watch

The MarketSauce Method: Creating a Buyer's Brief

Jan 18
90 min watch

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are aware the video quality of screen-sharing is not optimal. We are working to address this for future training to avoid this technical issue in the future. Please note that the resources demonstrated in this workshop are all currently available to paid community members and will soon be available as bonus material for book orders and pre-order. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter for updates, insights, and more at https://genaiuniversity.comIf you'd like to learn more specifically about our done-for-you service to create a buyer's brief for you, please visit https://marketsauce.ai

🔥 FREE RESOURCE:Blueprint 2.2 GPT Demonstrated During The Workshop: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-o2mDrdE8U-blueprint-2-2


It’s no secret that understanding your target audiences in depth is key for effective marketing. The MarketSauce Method provides a proven framework for developing comprehensive buyer briefs to gain deep insights into customer segments. These insights can then be leveraged to create tailored content, offers, and messaging that resonates with each audience.


✔️ The MarketSauce Method helps create detailed buyer briefs to understand target audiences.

✔️ Buyer briefs provide insights to develop highly effective, tailored marketing content and messaging.

✔️ The method identifies multiple segments in a market and their specific needs.

✔️ It creates strategic and creative briefs for each target audience.

✔️ Businesses can use it to make content, lead magnets, and messaging for each segment.

✔️ Ongoing training helps maximize the use of the buyer briefs.

✔️ Continued refinement of briefs is key as markets change.

✔️ Overall, the MarketSauce Method enables more resonant marketing to each audience, enhancing effectiveness.

Unlock Your Audience's Mind with Market Sauce Buyer's Briefs

Understanding your target audience is critical for effectively marketing your business in the age of AI. You need to intimately know their pain points, goals, motivations and mistaken beliefs in order to craft messaging that truly resonates. This is where Market Sauce Buyer's Briefs come in.

I recently attended a workshop led by Darby Rollins of Gen AI University where he demonstrated the step-by-step process for creating comprehensive buyer briefs using AI. The goal is to deeply understand your audience in order to develop high-converting messaging and content tailored to different market segments.

What Exactly is a Market Sauce Buyer's Brief?

A Market Sauce Buyer's Brief is an in-depth, multi-page document outlining the core aspects of your target audience or audiences. It dives into details like:

  • Demographic information
  • Psychographic details
  • Geographic data
  • Common behaviors
  • Pain points
  • Goals and motivations
  • Mistaken beliefs
  • Negative statistics
  • Bad habits
  • False solutions they commonly turn to

Essentially, it helps you uncover the full picture of who you're speaking to, what problems they face, and how your product or service can uniquely solve those problems.

The Power of Tailored Messaging

Generic, one-size-fits-all messaging rarely converts well. When you take the time to intensely understand the nuances of different audience segments, you can craft content and campaigns specifically tailored to them.

For example, emerging coaches face very different challenges compared to established business leaders. Your messaging to emerging coaches would focus on fundamentals, while executives need to know how you can facilitate advanced strategies.

Buyer briefs empower you to intimately grasp these distinctions so you can fine-tune messaging accordingly.

How to Create a Buyer's Brief with AI

The key to generating an effective buyer's brief is providing the AI with clear instructions and ample context. Darby shared the step-by-step process he uses to create thorough briefs leveraging AI:

  • Provide context - Give the AI an overview of your business, target audience, offers and value prop. This grounds the AI so it can produce relevant content.
  • Run through prompts - Methodically move through a series of prompts focused on different aspects of your audience. For example, prompts about core demographics, behaviors, objections, goals, etc.
  • Review outputs - As the AI generates content for each prompt, review the outputs to ensure they make sense and align with the context. Refine prompts if needed.
  • Copy/paste prompts - Rather than bombarding the AI with every prompt at once, copy/paste prompts in batches. This preserves thread quality.
  • Pause when needed - If the AI begins generating excessively long content, pause it and have it continue. This prevents losing good outputs.
  • Iterate and expand - Treat initial briefs as a starting point. Use them to determine other audience segments to explore in expanded briefs later.

Darby also emphasized that this process involves actively guiding the AI, not just setting it loose. Reviewing outputs and refining prompts is critical for quality results.

Real-World Examples

To demonstrate how this process works in the real world, Darby walked through a buyer's brief created for Kelley Tenney's business Teacher Brilliance.

Starting with just a short product description, he used a series of prompts to extract incredibly detailed information on 10 audience segments for Teacher Brilliance. The 18-page brief covered an immense amount of strategic data - from primary goals to negative statistics, false solutions, micro content ideas and more.

Turning Briefs into Action

Buyer briefs aren't meant to just collect dust. The goal is to actively use them for crafting messaging and content that converts.

Kelley shared how she's leveraged her brief to assess whether her core offer resonates across multiple audience segments. She then used it to generate tailored blog ideas and microcontent tailored to the common pain points shared by key segments.

The briefs become an invaluable resource for consistently producing content that deeply connects with your audience. Rather than taking shots in the dark, you're strategically addressing the beliefs and challenges identified in the brief.

The Importance of Ongoing Optimization

Like any process, creating buyer briefs gets easier and more effective over time. Darby views each brief as a starting point you can build upon, not a static finished product.

Use initial briefs to uncover more audience segments to explore. Run expanded briefs on those segments to go even deeper. Eventually you'll have incredibly detailed profiles on all of your core audiences that precisely guide your messaging.

Stop Wasting Time - Order Your Custom Buyer's Brief Today

Crafting thorough buyer's briefs takes hours of research, writing, and refining. But now you can have an in-depth brief created for your business by the experts at Market Sauce.

Simply submit your core audience and product/service details through our online form. Our team will handle the rest. Within days you'll receive a comprehensive, ready-to-use buyer's brief outlining your audience's pain points, goals, behaviors and more.

Having these strategic insights at your fingertips makes it effortless to create high-converting messaging that deeply resonates with your audience. You'll be able to produce tailored content, offers and campaigns that drive real results.

Don't spend another minute in the dark about your audience. Let us do the hard work for you.

Order your done-for-you buyer's brief here:


If you'd like access to advanced tools and resources for creating your own Buyer's Brief, subscribe to the AI Growth Library.

Darby Rollins

Darby Rollins is the founder of Gen AI University and a leading AI integration consultant. Darby's AI training and education continues to help people all over the world streamline scale content production with AI. Darby has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Forbes, AdWorld, The Verge, DigitalMarketer, and more. Outside of AI, Darby is also the co-founder and creator behind SideHustle: The Party Game for Entrepreneurs and currently lives in Austin, TX with his fiance Rachel and puppy, Luna.

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