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Gen AI University's peer-to-peer community helps business leaders adapt, integrate and grow with AI since 2021.

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Darby is a master at using Jasper/AI  to write creative, persuasive & original copy. He was the #1st customer (of currently 70,00+) and we continue to consult with him to shape the future of the product. No one else has as deep an understanding of how Jasper works as Darby.
Austin Distel
CMO, Entrepreneur
It really takes a community to keep up with all the changes going on in the AI world today. If you try to do it all by yourself, then that's all you'll do. And you'll miss the magic, which is integrating generative AI into your daily activities. The best AI community I've found is AI Author. Staying up to date is still a daunting task. However, AI Author gives you at least a jump shooter's chance.
Zachary Alexander
Jasper/AI is like having a partner for writing, and The AI Author is like having rocket fuel for it!
Deb Durham
Author and PhD in Behavior Science

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