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Save 20% when billed yearly. Monthly, quarterly and bi-annual payment plan options available.
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Ready to Unlock Your AI Potential with Personalized AI-Powered, Human Driven Coaching?

With Gen AI University™ you’ll gain targeted AI skills to drive impact faster. Our community, coaching and mastermind will keep you on track through consistent accountability. Let’s unlock your potential together!

Your AI Integration Accelerated through:
On-Demand Beginner to Advanced Training Library
Custom Learning Paths Tailored to Your Needs
Weekly Group Coaching Calls for Ongoing Support
Certification Tracks and Assessments
Monthly Mastermind Groups for Accountability
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Ready to Integrate AI Skills and Abililties to Upskill Your Team and Organization with Custom Training and Support?

Whether you're looking to upskill a small team or transform enterprise-wide, we offer flexible, scaled solutions tailored to your needs. Book a call today to explore scholarships, discounts, and fully customized AI enablement programs for your organization.

Scholarships Available for Additional Team Members
Volume Discounts for Teams & Organizations
Custom AI Training Journeys for Each Role
 Hands-On Workshops for Alignment
Organizational Change Management
C-Suite Advisory Consulting Services

Our Promise

We believe in the value of our Gen AI University community, coaches and programs.

If you enroll and then don't show up... don't do the work... don't engage.... then the results will speak for themselves.

When you show up and do the work, ask questions, engage, and take action, you will reap the rewards.

We're here to hold each other accountable and provide the resources to support and help you reach your goals.

We're 100% committed to building a platform to support businesses integrating AI and keeping up with the change of speed.

Sound good?

Are you with us?

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If you have questions regarding an active membership, please email us at hey@genaiuniversity.com.
Got Questions? Get Answers
What is Gen AI University?
Gen AI University offers structured generative AI training through personalized coaching and hands-on workshops to help professionals, teams, and organizations achieve real-world results.
What does the training include?
Our training provides access to an on-demand curriculum, options for advanced app-based coaching, weekly group calls, live workshops, certifications, portfolio building, and more - tailored to your goals. If you’re looking for other solutions not listed, use our Contact Us form to get in touch.
What are the program options?
We offer Individual Memberships starting at $750/monthly. (Save 20% when billed yearly. Monthly, quarterly and bi-annual payment plan options available.) Team and Enterprise programs include discounts, scholarships, and custom solutions.
How does the coaching work?
Members will gain access to regular coaching calls in group sessions. Additional 1:1 coaching is available for members at an additional charge depending on your goals and needs to keep you accountable. 
Are scholarships available?
Yes, we offer scholarships for individuals and sponsorships for teams/companies to maximize access and impact. Book a call with us to discuss your specific needs.
What results can I expect?
Our approach delivers tangible ROI through portfolio projects, improved workflows, time savings, and new opportunities. You'll gain access to the resources and tailored training tracks specific to your goals so you know exactly where to start and what to focus on.
How do I get started?
Visit our pricing page to explore individual membership options. Or book a call for scholarships, discounts, and custom options for teams/enterprises.
What makes your program different?
We go beyond theory to provide structured training proven to deliver hands-on AI skills tailored to your unique goals and resources. Similar to a traditional university model, we provide a wealth of resources, community, and continuing education to help you reach your goals and leverage what you learn in the real world.
What experience level do I need to enroll? Do I need technical skills?
Our programs are designed for all levels - no technical skills required. We meet you at your starting point and build skills systematically. That said, having technical skills and experience with generative AI tools certainly does help accelerate your progress. 
How long does it take to complete the program?
It depends on your goals but most see significant progress in skills and integration within the first 30 days of focused learning.
Is this program accredited?
While not formally accredited, our certifications and training are valued in the industry. You build a hands-on portfolio to showcase skills.
Will I get 1:1 coaching or is it only group coaching?
You get access to both based on your needs. We ensure tailored guidance on achieving your goals. Depending on the level of 1:1 support, there may be additional rates that would apply in addition to your membership.
How much time per week will this program take?
We recommend 5-10 hrs/week for calls, coursework, projects etc. Schedule flexibility is built in.
How large are the classes and cohorts?
Class sizes are small to enable personalization. Cohorts are intelligently matched based on goals.
Is this program guaranteed?
We guarantee that if you do the work and commit to the programs within Gen AI University, you will gain the skills and results you need to adapt, integrate and grow with AI.
How can I learn more and get additional questions answered?

The best way to get your specific questions addressed is to reach out to our team:

- You can email us at hey@genaiuniversity.com anytime and we'll respond promptly.

- Book a call through our website and we'll schedule a 10-min consult at your convenience.

- Join our next live webinar preview to learn more and get questions answered during the Q&A segment.

Our goal is to provide total transparency and support as you explore our programs. Whether you are ready to enroll or just researching options, our team is here to help guide you on your AI learning journey. We look forward to further discussing the possibilities!

We're happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have about our programs, methodology, outcomes, enrollment options, or anything else related to our mission of making practical AI mastery achievable for professionals, teams, and organizations.
I have more questions, who can I talk to?
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