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Jasper AI Review 2022
5 min read

Jasper AI Review 2022

Artificial Intelligence
Aug 29
5 min read

Review of Jasper ai

Vivid imaginations create the most compelling stories. Storytelling is a primal aspect of the human experience since prehistory. It is an integral part of our existence to create narrative threads connecting the storyteller to their audience.

Fundamentally, we are born to share our experiences through mediums that add extra value to those who come after us. This sentiment applies to more than just fiction, but also for writing nonfiction, digital content, and technical writing works as well. Chances are you’ve had a book stewing in your thoughts for years. In one way or another, you need to put it down on paper.

The problem: Actually writing a book is hard.

A blank page is often the greatest roadblock on a writer’s journey. Communicating your story in a way that flows, that interweaves key points, that transforms your thoughts  into a fully realized creation, is daunting.

How do you begin writing? Where does it begin? How can you make the middle engaging? Where does the ending lay? Why am I taking my readers on this journey and how can I make it worthwhile

All too often, writers put off translating their ideas onto the page and wait until they feel they have the expertise, drive, and inspiration to see the project through to completion.

There’s good news: the future of publishing is here! You don’t have to be a writing savant to self-publish your own book. Artificial intelligence-writing assistants like Jasper ai empower writers to condense months or years of writing into the span of days. With the help of Jasper ai, virtually any motivated professional can benefit from accelerated writing practices. Are you a(n)…:

  • Author
  • Entrepreneur
  • Copywriter
  • Marketer
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Expert
  • Educator…?

One commonality between all these professions is a shared drive to grow through publication. Another shared trait is the looming threat of  writer’s block  that hampers getting your message into the hands of the right crowd.

You could pay someone else to write it for you, sure, but in the process, the final product loses the charm and benefit it would otherwise receive from your expertise. Jasper ai allows knowledgeable people to harness the extraordinary power of AI technology to produce a working manuscript in a matter of days. Welcome to The 7 Day Book Challenge.

Learn how to write a book within a week. From a blank page to a full book in seven days. Following our easy to understand guidelines, you can take the concepts in your head and put them readably and engagingly on the paper. Actual tangible proof of your work never felt so good.

Jasper ai isn’t about giving you a perfect book at the end of that week... far from it. Jasper ai is a powerful and highly effective tool that will help you produce a Minimum Viable Book (MVB) as the working first draft of your book. Through a standard easy-to-follow process, you’ll work quickly towards creating a working book. From the initial draft, you’ll produce an increasingly superior product by gathering feedback from your trusted circle and using the concepts in this book to expand on the framework you have built to walk you to a published work.

Understand, the first pass doesn’t need to be good. What it needs to be is finished. The 7 Day Book Challenge isn’t an ironclad step-by-step process. Frankly, that approach would be counterproductive. But as long as it's done within a week, you can tackle the project at your pace, referring as needed to the different steps and customizing your own journey to becoming a self-published writer. What is important is sticking to it and utilizing Jasper ai to shorten the writing process and smash through writer’s block.

Best Used For:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Social Media Posts
  • E-Books
  • Reports
  • Memoirs
  • Journals
  • Auto-Biographies
  • Long form content

Blog Posts:

Yes, Jasper ai is often used to create blog posts and save the site owner time. If you’re a content creator, you know that the lifeblood of your brand is a steady stream of high-quality blog posts, and the work it takes to create blog posts. But coming up with topics, conducting research, and sitting down to write can be difficult when inspiration is running low. Jasper ai can help by suggesting ideas based on keywords and offering writing templates for different types

Blog post-intro paragraph: Blast through writer's block by letting Jasper ai write your blog post intro paragraph for you.

Blog post topic ideas: Don't know what to write about? Use jasper ai to get blog post topic ideas.

Blog Posts outline: Get a blog post outline from Jasper ai to help you save time writing. Don't worry about writing a blog post outline again once you're using Jasper ai. You will shorten the time it takes to write a blog post outline drastically.

Blog Posts Conclusion: Let Jasper ai help you write a conclusion for your blog post.

Blog Posts titles: Use Jasper ai to get ideas for blog post titles.

Blog Posts rewrites: Let Jasper ai help you improve your blog posts with rewriting suggestions.

Blog Posts from transcriptions: Turn your audio and video content into blog posts with Jasper ai's transcription capabilities.

Blog Posts from books: Use Jasper ai's book summary features to create blog posts from popular books in minutes.


If you're looking for help with writing articles, Jasper ai can be a big help. With its editing and proofreading features, you can quickly turn around high-quality articles in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Social Media Posts:

Jasper ai can also be used to write social media posts. With its ability to format text for different social media platforms, you can quickly and easily create engaging posts that will get noticed.


E-books are another great use for Jasper ai. With its ability to generate ideas and do research, you can quickly put together a high-quality e-book that will be sure to engage and inform your audience.


Jasper ai can also be used to write reports. With its ability to format text and do research, you can quickly put together a high-quality report that will be sure to impress your boss or client.


Jasper ai can also be used to write memoirs. With its ability to generate ideas and do research, you can quickly put together a high-quality memoir that will be sure to engage and inform your audience.


Jasper ai can also be used to write journals. With its ability to format text and do research, you can quickly put together a high-quality journal that will be sure to engage and inform your audience.


Jasper ai can also be used to write auto-biographies. With its ability to generate ideas and do research, you can quickly put together a high-quality auto-biography that will be sure to engage and inform your audience.

Long form content:

Jasper ai can also be used to write long form content. With its ability to generate ideas and do research, you can quickly put together a high-quality piece of writing that will be sure to engage and inform your audience.

How It Works: You provide the topic, Jasper ai writes the first draft. You then edit, revise, and publish. That’s it! Jasper ai is a content generator that creates drafts for you to

Boss Mode:

Jasper ai also has a "boss mode" to help you stay on track and focused while you're writing. When activated, boss mode will give you a Word goal to reach for your session and keep track of your progress. It'll also block out distractions so you can stay focused on your writing.

Jasper ai review: What Is Jasper ai?

Jasper ai is your AI-writing assistant! Jasper ai isn’t designed to write the book for you. There’s no replacement for human ingenuity, creativity, and content generation. Rather than create content from whole cloth, Jasper ai gives you the tools needed to organize, outline, and streamline the writing and editing process.

Let’s say you’ve finished the introduction but you’re stuck connecting it tothe first chapter of the book in a meaningful way. While Jasper ai might not do the research for you or even fill out the first couple of paragraphs, Jasper ai offers the structure and informed design choices to get those creative juices flowing. Jasper ai excels at giving a well-placed nudge to help break through writer’s block. You are still in control of the actual writing.

Jasper ai review The Dashboard

Jasper’s Dashboard is your opening page to a full suite of services. From here, you’ll have convenient access to a key features, helping you stay informed and on task.

Feature Updates

Be among the first to get the inside scoop on the latest developments within the Jasper ai community. With feature updates upfront, you’ll see what we’ve recently launched, plus what’s newly added to the app.

Favorite Templates

Those  old reliables that you come back to time and time again will always be at your fingertips. All it takes to “favorite” a template is to a press the star icon ✰ in the template’s top left corner and it will display on the Dashboard.

Generated Words

Keep track of your progress! Jasper ai records the amount of writing that’s been done over the course of the last 7 days. This helps you monitor your projects, reach milestones and stay motivated.

Facebook Quick Links

Jasper ai has a thriving Facebook community with thousands of others just like your on the cutting edge of publishing books, blogs, and all sorts of content with Jasper ai.

Jasper ai Templates

Creating content across any platform is made easier with Jasper ai 50-plus AI templates at the ready. Blog posts, creative fiction, Google ads, product descriptions -- you name it -- Jasper ai provides writers with an enormous selection of intuitive, specific templates to work off of for creating quick, easy content.

Document Editor

Templates are explicitly constrained in what they are designed to do, providing built-in structure to streamline the writing process. However, they may not be the right solution for every project, especially when you need to exert a little more creative control. Jasper ai enables you to create documents according to your own design preference, making Jasper ai perfect for long-form content like blog posts, emails, social media posts, or books. Jasper ai keeps track of all your irons in the fire, laying out every document you are working on for better visibility.

Projects / Organization

No project succeeds without some good management and organization. Prolific authors, or those with numerous clients commissioning distinct projects, need to keep track of their catalog. Jasper’s “Projects” section groups your content under a single roof, providing separate folders to segment distinct projects - blog posts, books, ads, articles, editorials, and so on.

Project creation is simple and managing various projects is intuitive. Jasper ai makes it so by keeping track of your workload so as to minimize your stress level.. Content is quickly created, easily moved between folders, and accessible for getting right to work at your own pace.

Jasper ai review: How Does Jasper ai Think?

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain at the operation of the Jasper ai algorithms that makeup Jasper's matrix. While you could just start pounding away at your keyboard, creating content at your leisure, you’ll find you are not accessing Jasper’s greatest potential. He’s an incredible piece of technology, but the AI field is still developing. For every piece of high-quality content Jasper ai creates, his performance will be offset by churning out jargon, random lines of thought, repetitious writing, or subpar work.

That doesn’t mean that Jasper ai has hit a dead-end. Jasper ai is an amazing tool and knowing how to properly use him to produce the brand of writing that aligns with the quality of content you’re looking for means learning how to use him. By giving you a glimpse into how Jasper ai thinks, you’ll have what you need to leverage the most out of him.

Training Data

The best way to train Jasper ai is by exposing it to published content that already exists. Jasper ai started out by reading somewhere around 10% of the Internet in 2019. That which might seem like a small amount, but do you know just how humongous the internet actually is? What this did was develop Jasper ai's voice. As an AI-powered program, the most important part of making sure he could deliver consistent, quality content started with making sure he understood how people actually write. Reddit, Facebook, newspapers, websites, recipes, and more gave Jasper ai the education he needed to adopt the human language, syntax, and flow.

Getting Jasper ai started needs some content seeding. You’ve got your topic. You know the important points that need to be covered. What Jasper ai needs guidance to generate the stuff you’re looking for! Starting his engine requires inputting just a couple lines of descriptive text to use as a starting point.. The longer your project is, the more often you’ll need to “reseed” or refresh with relevant content  to make sure Jasper ai doesn’t make up facts and figures or repeat himself. Add some variety, changing it up often enough, even so far as a paragraph-by-paragraph basis, to keep the writing fresh.

Since Jasper’s “basic training” finished at the end of 2019, his knowledge base is now a little outdated. But don’t fret! It’s alright!  Jasper’s education was thorough!  Even events that have happened since 2019 can be written about comprehensively… as long as you keep populating your content descriptions with useful information blurbs.

Word PredictionHere’s the fun part of Jaspers’ programming. Based on his training data, Jasper ai has developed his own sense of word prediction for constructing sentences. Past context informs his procedural word generation, breaking down prediction to a matter of probability. It’s almost as if he has learned enough to be an amazing guesser! Let’s use an example: “I needed a costume, so I went to buy one at the ______.”

Now, there are several avenues that Jasper ai could take to finish this sentence, each being assigned a percent chance. For this sentence, the probabilities might look like:

  • Halloween - 34% chance
  • Store - 27% chance
  • Shop - 18% chance
  • Mall - 9% chance

Remember, Jasper ai emphasizes creativity over factuality. He’ll generate a solid amount of content to work off of, but you’ll find that a lot of it is made up. Jasper ai is an assistant for keeping the writing process flowing. It is your responsibility to comb back through and fact-check the work. The content might not always be accurate, but it’s on the page! That’s the most important part, because it jumpstarts your writing process.

Patterns & Repeating Content

Every input given to Jasper ai influences its content generation process. For instance, if you wrote down a list of numbers 1-4, Jasper would continue the list by writing 5-9. The same would happen if you wrote down letters a-d or a list of colors. These are patterns that Jasper ai is trained to latch onto, identifying and expanding recurring themes.

Pattern recognition doesn’t stop at basic numbers, letters, or concepts. Any writing on a given topic intrinsically has patterns within its text, especially content that you’ve provided as training data. Writing a paragraph without further context and asking Jasper to continue writing will end with Jasper considering a few available options for how to continue:

  • Repeat
  • Continue
  • Start New

Repeat will likely have Jasper rewriting the same paragraph over and over again. Continuing might look like Jasper expanding on the content with similar expansion, referencing similar content from the internet that he was trained on.

Finally, the “Start New” command will tell Jasper to imitate the content of the first paragraph, covering a similar subject. If the first paragraph was a biography of an individual, the second would be a similar biography written about a separate person.

If all you’ve provided is a single paragraph to work with, the chances of Jasper proceeding in the direction you’re hoping for are slim. Thankfully, all Jasper needs to continue generating high-value content is a little context. You’ve already written down the initial aspects of the biography. To avoid the next segments repeating, you can lead with a headline to provide some inspiration. Some examples include:

  • [blank]’s childhood
  • [blank]’s first football game
  • [blank]’s music lessons
  • [blank]’s moving to a new state

Jasper is sophisticated enough to pick up on the patterns you’re putting down in the first paragraph and that model structures the rest of the content. With enough context, training, and guidance, Jasper's impact will have immeasurable results on productivity and the final product. However, if you’re finding that you’re still not getting the right style of writing out of Jasper, ask yourself a few questions to see how you can course correct.

  • What is the pattern Jasper is trying to follow right now?
  • Can I give more instructions or set a better pattern to direct his outputs?
  • Do I need to give Jasper more information as input so he can generate more of the content  I'm looking for?

Jasper ai review: How to Use Templates

The Jasper’s ingenuity shines brightest through the “Template” feature. With more than 50 custom templates that cover virtually any style of self-publication across a variety of mediums, finding the right one for your use case has a critical impact on the distribution of finely tuned content. Each template has a series of forms to fill out, so considering how important context is for Jasper AI content generation and word prediction, the inputs you use result in some amazing outputs. Keep in mind: the better the input, the better the output.

Template Example(s)

Fifty-plus unique templates are a lot to review. Thankfully, each template follows the same fundamental principles. Jasper’s primary function –to write compelling content along with a number of different frameworks and use cases – is built off of templates. The templates are easy to navigate through Jasper’s sidebar, or you could open a new document and enable “Power Mode” to access them from there.

Each template will have its own versions of input fields to fill out, resulting in different writing styles depending on the use case. For now, let’s use the AIDA template as an example.

  • AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) opens with the fields to use: Company/Product name
  • Product description
  • Tone of voice

What you put in here dramatically impacts what type of content will be generated as your output.

Based its originaltraining data, Jasper can cook up some stunningly accurate posts. Let's say you are a writing fictional work… about Star Trek. Jasper is going to know about Spock, Archer, Janeway, Burnham, and just about every other character, creature, and storyline in the Trekkie archives. The same will apply to just about any topic you are interested in. You’ll still need to fact-check, of course, but you’re off to a strong start.

Remember that your output is defined by your inputs. Leaving the minimal input will produce broad results. If you more specific, narrower content then you will need to provide more information and include extra details. A few bullet points should concern the important aspects that Jasper needs to cover…and just like that,  Jasper will include them. The level of intricacy, accuracy, and detail is up to you. Plus, you can always then jump in to make your own edits to the output and tailor it as needed.

Tone of Voice

Happy,, witty, mysterious, serious, convincing, contemplative, conversational, professional - throw in just about any adjective and Jasper will adapt their writing style to accommodate the desired  tone of voice. You’ll be able to play around with it until you find a particular writing voice you like, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Maybe you want something a little more unique, something with more… personality. Try typing in someone with a distinctive voice, like Barack Obama, Amy Poehler, Tom Hanks, Dolly Parton, Arnold Schwarzenneger,  James Earl Jones or Oprah. . Jasper adopts and adapts, bringing new flair to your content.

Additional Options

We’ve touched on the most fun and unique aspects of Jasper’s template feature, but there are still some “quality-of-life” options to help out your content generation. These features include:

  • Add to favorites
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Move to trash
  • Flag bad content

The first three are mostly self-explanatory, but the last feature is important for growing Jasper as an app. If he produces anything that is especially low quality, flagging it alerts the Jasper team to known issues that need resolution for better future performance.

Jasper ai review: How to Use Documents

Templates are over and done, so now you are ready to tackle short-form articles. Important as these are, chances are you need something with more substance. A book cannot be written on a template. A book needs a definition that can only be utilized through a full-fledged document. We’ll go over how to use Jasper’s documents tool to bring you up to speed on developing long-form content with AI-powered support.

Create a New Document

Simple and easy enough, all you need to do to create a fresh document is to a) click the “+” icon near the “Documents” tab, followed by b) click on “Start from scratch→” option. Voila, a blank canvas to work with.

Writing Content

It’s time to crack your knuckles andget down to writing. Jasper introduces a number of helpful functions to optimize his writing style.


One of your standby tools, Jasper will read your text and expand upon on the context. As we introduced in the “How Does Jasper Think” section, Jasper will identify patterns, instructions, and behaviors to follow, informing any writing going forward based on prior criteria, content, and guidelines provided.


Every good piece of work needs a solid title. In Jasper’s case, the title of your document provides extra content for him to follow. If your title is something like “How to maintain your hair,” then Jasper will use that as input data. You can toggle your title to hide it from Jasper if you do not want it to influence the generated content.

Content Description/Brief

Including relevant details that you want Jasper to focus on helps guide the writing direction. Just as with Templates, describing important aspects you want to be covered, as well as the tone of voice, establishes a baseline for Jasper to follow during the book writing process.


While keywords are often focused on in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, the inclusion of keywords is not used exclusively to promote search engine visibility for books. If there are important terms that need to be included, this is the section for them. Compiling a base of choice keywords increases the chances of Jasper using them. You are able to adjust the frequency of keywords to prevent the repetition of certain phrases.

Output Length

Jasper can’t and shouldn’t write forever. To handle how much text Jasper generates at any one time, click “Compose” and choose from the following options available through the sidebar:

  • Shorter: 20-25 words
  • Medium: 50-55 words
  • Longer: 110-115 words

Saving a Document and Document History

Thankfully, you don’t have to fuss over saving frequently. Jasper tracks your changes as he goes, automatically saving to prevent loss of progress. If you want to return to a previous iteration of your content, simple use the “Document History” function to restore a version up to seven days old.

What Jasper ai Sees

Jasper has two separate plans that differ on how much content Jasper is able to reference at any period of time. Input affects output, so knowing what parts of your document are informing Jasper’s writing is essential for quality control and high-value content generation. The two plans in question are:

  • Starter Plan
  • Boss Mode Plan

Compared to Boss Mode, The Starter Plan option has a more limited range. This plan does not give you access to the long-form editor and limits your ability to give Jasper commands.  In the context of books and writing long-form content, the Starter Plan will limit your ability to tap into the full power of Jasper, since you will only be able to access individual templates.

The Boss Mode plan offers many more options. Boss Mode can reference between 2,000-3,000 characters before your writing position inside the long-form editor. This larger frame of reference results in higher quality content that  relies on more context for its word prediction features.

If you want to block Jaspers’ eyesight from referencing certain parts of your document, placing 3 asterisks (***) stops him from venturing any further up the document.

Floating Toolbar

A floating toolbar is at the ready for quick styling of your prose. This feature provides a few valuable tools to enhance your writing, including:

  • Rephrase
  • Fix grammar
  • Explain it to a 5th grader

These resources help streamline, optimize, and overall improve your style.

Editor Modes

Greater control over your document is added through two editor modes located at the top of your Boss Mode Long-Form Editor:

  • Power Mode
  • Focus Mode
  • SEO Mode

We briefly mentioned Power Mode earlier. If you need to use a template, this option provides accessibility right inside your document. Access these individual templates side-by-side to run multiple outputs with specific inputs. This is great to get “unstuck” when you aren’t wanting to run a command in Boss Mode multiple times.

Focus Mode is where you get to turn on the blinders to other distractions and essentially use Jasper like Google Docs on steroids. You can run recipes to create massive amounts of content in a short period of time by following the commands and expanding on your outputs.

What is arguably the more useful of the two editor modes is the SEO function that integrates with “Surfer SEO”. SEO plays a powerful role in gaining online traction and attention. Designing and implementing the right strategies, as well as finding high-value keywords, can be challenging in their own right. This option helps you optimize your writing for SEO, enhancing your writing for optimal SEO compatibility. This is an add-on service you can get with your Jasper account and is not required for content creation. You can activate Surfer SEO in your account management section with a click of a button. Note: we don’t teach anything more on this throughout this Cookbook and it is more applicable to bloggers, so we’re mentioning it here so you are aware it is an option. There is a lot of training around how to use this available in the Jasper resource hub and in the Jasper community.

Jasper Commands

These tools are only available through Boss Mode, and they allow even greater control over how Jasper functions while writing. Using headlines to guide Jasper’s content creation process yields some stunning results, but you can go a bit further than that. “Commands” translate your exact intent into actionable directions, using plain language for cleanly executed programming. There’s an entire list of Command ideas in the Jasper Help Desk that can inspire writers to take full advantage of Jasper’s AI utility.

Voice Dictation

Slamming down long lines of text isn’t in everyone’s bag of tricks. Depending on your approach, you may feel more comfortable and confident using your voice to guide Jasper. That’s right: you can literally tell Jasper what to do… so long as you’ve enabled “Voice Dictation” on your computer. Turn it on through the “Edit” menu while in your document. Personally, we use a tool called Voice-In that has a Chrome extension and has a hotkey set up on my keyboard to make the tool easy to turn on and off. Macs and PCs should all have dictation options built into them for free as well.


Inputting a series of Jasper commands through a step-by-step outline offers a fair amount of control, but it chews up your time. Luckily, Jasper offers pre-built workflow commands to help you implement a large number of commands all at once. Once you find a working recipe through the Jasper community, or build your own, you can align it with your project and then run it.

Alignment means inputting variables that are central to your document. Jasper’s recipes come with pieces that need to be entered and can be altered or tailored to accommodate different writing projects. For any given project, you will need to run through the recipe and fill in the blanks. You can then tell Jasper to do something like:  “Write a brief for [TOPIC]”. It’s plug-and-play.

Running the recipe is broken down into 5 steps:

  1. Generate the content brief
  2. Generate article title ideas
  3. Write an intro
  4. Create an outline
  5. Write a conclusion

Depending on what you want to accomplish, creating your own recipes with carefully selected commands can be accomplished through the “New Recipe” option in the top right corner of your document. You can also share these recipes with other Jasper users, leveraging the support of the community at large and contributing to its growth. Additionally, we have developed several custom recipes for Jasper users to apply to books, most notably:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Time and efficiency are key. Keyboard shortcuts keep your most popular and useful tools within immediate finger distance, allowing you to control “Commands” at will, “Undo” mistakes, “Compose” on the spot, and more.

Jasper ai review: Account Management

We’ve gotten through the meat of what makes Jasper such a remarkable tool to get that book idea out of your head. Even for already published authors, the work involved in creating an entire piece of fiction or nonfiction is a heavy investment of patience and sweat. Jasper ai makes the work breeze with its powerful AI-driven functionality… but there’s still more that hasn’t been covered yet.

Team Management

Your writing team shouldn’t be excluded from taking advantage of Jasper’s features, tools, and resources. The team behind Jasper is no stranger to teamwork, which is why they ensured that collaboration channels are fully implemented. Adding in new members does require a subscription, but the result in keeping teams on the same page is worth the investment. Administrators are in full control over who has access to your documents, of course. This allows you to add and remove team members as needed. It also lets you set permissions to safeguard sensitive aspects of your projects.


The world is a cultural buffet table. You might be reading this in English, but there are thousands upon thousands of languages that exist across our planet. While Jasper can’t provide translations for all of them, he’s at least capable of breaking down barriers for over 25 different languages. Jasper’s integration with DeepL Translate, a premier translation tool, expands the borders for global accessibility, even going so far as to include language variants such as American English and British English.


Plagiarism, accident or not, is a huge black mark on your record. It makes sense that Jasper, being primarily trained on vast amounts of Internet literature, runs the risk of plagiarizing some content, wouldn’t it?

Thankfully, no. Jasper’s AI algorithms may use what has been learned through the Internet as a knowledge base, but he never repeats anything that has been said before. All content written is bonafide original work, keeping you safe from lawsuits resulting from any unintended plagiarism..  

That said, it is always a good idea to check your work before publishing. Jasper is integrated with Copyscape, an online plagiarism detection service that checks your text against content that appears elsewhere on the web. Copyscape is a powerful time-saving tool that double-checks your work before you click “publish”.

Sensitive Content Filter

It is no surprise that there is more than your fair share of unfavorable content lurking in the bowels of the Internet. Even with 10% of its content being read, the fear that sensitive materials could worm their way into your text is very real. Luckily, measures have been implemented into Jasper to reduce the likelihood and filter out any “sensitive” or “unsafe” text.

While a selection of curse words and slurs that are proactively filtered out, Jasper takes an extra step to safeguard the validity and approachability of your generated content. It is more than just what words are used, Jasper prioritizes intent, flagging combinations of words that might be considered “unsafe”. For instance, if the words “release” and “bullet” appear in the same sentence, These words would then be flagged as a potentially unsafe phrase.

Jasper’s filter may not be perfect, but at least it's imperfect in the best way: protecting the quality of your text. If you need more flexibility for your content, you can get in contact with the Jasper team at hey@jasper.ai to consult and review each case.

Additional Help & Training

The Jasper team and community are at the ready to answer questions, respond to errors, and provide specialized support. Applications that are built on the foundations of community and quality service are invaluable. This allows writers like you to take their work to the next level supported with continual assistance from experts and neighbors alike. For a step-by-step guide for getting trained in using Jasper successfully, take the Jasper Bootcamp.

Darby Rollins

Darby Rollins is the founder of Gen AI University and a leading AI integration consultant. Darby's AI training and education continues to help people all over the world streamline scale content production with AI. Darby has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Forbes, AdWorld, The Verge, DigitalMarketer, and more. Outside of AI, Darby is also the co-founder and creator behind SideHustle: The Party Game for Entrepreneurs and currently lives in Austin, TX with his fiance Rachel and puppy, Luna.

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